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Different volunteer opportunities exist that support us in achieving our objectives.

How you can help us


Social work and Social Auxiliary work students are provided the opportunity to do their workplace internship with us. 

In the past we have accommodated other training programs such as Public Relations and Marketing internship training.

These volunteer opportunities are limited due to logistics and resources.

Our volunteer opportunities has become a recruitment strategy as 70% of our current employees, started off within our Organisation as volunteers.

New employee orientation is easier and service contingency is provided.  Volunteers with professional training assist us with our walk-in / first contact services at the offices.

Occasionally we also require the assistance of volunteers to sort donations received, manage our monthly jumble sale or assist with data-capturing.

If you are interested in volunteering with us, please  contact us and we can discuss the availability of a volunteering opportunity.

Board of Management

Your skills can support us in achieving our Vision.

One of the most important pillars for a balanced and effective Board of Management, is to have a variety of subject matter experts in different fields. Every person contributes in a different way.

If you have a heart for children and can align yourself with our cause, believing you can make a difference, please consider joining our Board of Management.

Skills needed: (but not limited to)

Information Technology
Social Media Management
General Maintenance
Fleet Management

We acknowledge that time, skills, expertise and your network of support is as important as any other element of our services.

A strong collection of skills and expertise makes all of the difference in the work that we do.

Events Management

Fundraising events throughout the year is the core of our financial sustainability. It provides us with the opportunity to survive, grow, continue and expand our services.

These fundraising events help us meet our financial targets and shortfalls.

The events differ in size and cater for the different abilities of our supporters.  Whether you support one or all of our events, your participation is appreciated and you add value to the work we do.   

For more information on our events click here

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