In most instances anticipating the birth of a baby  brings a lot of joy.  “When children are born, they do not come with directives as how to raise them” is a common expression. 

The manner in which we raise our children are mostly based on how we ourselves were raised.  Often we are not happy about everything our parents did or say, and yet we somehow automatically continue in the same manner

We have, however, a choice to take stock and decide what we agree with and what not, and develop our own approach. 

What then is the important job of being a parent ?

Fortunately, over the years people tried out different ways of raising children and shared what they found what was helpful and what not.   

It is said that love, respect and discipline is the cornerstone of good parenting.

The following guidelines were found by many to be useful and beneficial to both children and parents:

  1. Developing a bond and attachment with your child
  2. Understanding that children go through different stages of development with changes in behaviour and mood
  3. As a parent you need to understand yourself and your child
  4. How you listen and talk to your child determine the nature of your relationship
  5. How do you help your child to cooperate?
  6. How do you encourage your child and yourself to continue despite difficulties?
  7. What kind of discipline makes sense.

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