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  1. We have mutual respect and loyalty;
  2. We spend time together- play and work together;
  3. We share problems, expectations & fears;
  4. We listen attentively when someone in our family speaks;
  5.  We agree and know who makes the decisions about what issues in the family;
  6. We set clear boundaries for minor children;
  7. We set boundaries on activities so as not to interfere with family life;
  8. We treat adult children living in as adults;
  9. We ensure that adults have agreement about discipline;
  10. We allow family members personal space and privacy;
  11. We set realistic and flexible rules;
  12. We allow members to be different;
  13. We accept other people who are different for who they are;
  14. We allow members to experience and express a range of emotions;
  15. We develop a unique spirituality as family members and respect different views;
  16. We have a set of realistic rules for behaviour;
  17. We have an agreement on action and procedures if family rules not kept.

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