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A parent who wants to be heard must be prepared to listen before confronting.

Encouragement is a skill to help children grow in self-esteem.

The question is how do we encourage???

It is actually easier than we think.  

1. Just love and  accept your child.

Your child will not always do as well and behave as you would like. At those times, your child really needs your love and acceptance. Children need this no matter how well they do something. You can accept your child without accepting misbehaviour.

2. Notice when your child tries or improves.

Improvement takes time. You child does not accomplish things all at once. Every skill they learn is made up of small steps and efforts. As parent you need to encourage your child to improve. To do this, as parent you need to notice his/her efforts. But how to do it ?

3. Appreciate your child.

4. Have faith in your child.

5. Difference between Praise and Encouragement

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