Mandela Day


Traditionally our Mandela Day support has been received in the form of meeting numerous maintenance or practical needs within our Organisation. 

Considering the limitations of the COVID-19 pandemic, our call to action is that of providing groceries towards our pantry, affording us the opportunity to pack hampers and distribute to them to destitute families as needed. 

You can donate R67 towards the purchase of groceries, or donate 67 packets of soup/tins/pasta, or any of the other contents as listed in our pre-packed food hampers click here to view the list.

Other practical support needed which could form part of supporting our Mandela Day 2021 campaign is:

Lawn Dressing

For those who love gardening and have done all they could in their own gardens during the COVID-19 lockdown, our garden needs some tender loving care which includes tree trimming and cleaning out and filling of flower beds.

If you would like to discuss how you and/or your company can get involved in our Mandela Day campaign please complete our contact form and we will contact you.


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