How we made a difference

Anna (now 13 yrs old) and her sister Sophie (now 10 yrs old) were found in desperate and destitute circumstances after being abandoned by their family in 2011 when they were only 3 yrs and 1 yrs old respectively. Upon investigation they were placed in non-related foster care and remained in a loving and caring foster home until the loss of their foster parent towards the end of 2020. Anna and Sophie have had to be moved to a new foster home and their new caregiver is awaiting the legal process to be completed. Anna started gr. 8 this year and Sophie is doing grade 5. They needed school uniforms and school stationary and were very excited at receiving two sets of school uniforms and all the stationary they need to get their new school year off to a great start.
We assisted 11 more children with school uniforms and stationary. Children whose life stories are filled with severe neglect, abandonment at birth, exposure to sexual abuse, severe substance and alcohol abuse which led to family violence. They have had to move from one foster family to another, and some of them even to a 3rd foster family because of their foster parents passing away. We try our best to change their trauma, loss and despair into moments of healing and opportunity.
At the age of 3, Max (now 14 yrs old) had already been exposed to severe abuse, neglect and eventually abandoned by his mother. Max was placed in non-related foster care. During lockdown Max suffered a double loss when both his foster father and foster mother passed away. Max has been placed in a new foster home and to allow him to start his school year, he was provided with school uniform and stationary.
Imagine being abandoned at the age of 6 months and having a father not interested in having any contact or relationship with you…. This was the start to Lebo’s life. Lebo (now 10 yrs) was placed in foster care but her foster mother passed away in 2016 and a new family home was found. Lebo is now in grade 6 but one of the challenges we have is to obtain a birth certificate for her. Lebo is doing well and excited to go to school in her brand new school uniform with a school bag filled with all the stationary she needs. Good luck Lebo – we know you will be doing well this year!!!

Thank you to Chris & Lorraine for a generous donation, with the commitment that it would be used to assist and support children and their caregivers who have very specific needs that they are unable to meet.  We identified numerous children in desperate need of school uniforms, school shoes and stationary to allow them to commence their school year.



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